"In Northern Twilight is an epic romance, an epic battle between good and evil, an epic struggle between the spiritual world and the world of men... a grand epic, made so by the wonderful characters and descriptive narrative of Jess Hartley!" - Joe Rixman, Barking Fish Lounge Productions

"Yes, yes, it's an intriguing story in a richly realized world with gorgeously vivid action scenes, but that's not important. The IMPORTANT thing here is that I get my hands on the next one." ~Jim Butcher, NY Times Bestselling Author


"Not only did In Northern Twilight surprise me, with its depth of feeling and amazing characterization, but it also kept me intrigued from beginning to end." - ShanWolf, Amazon Reviewer

"Madness has never been so beautiful." - Anonymous reviewer of Changeling: The Lost

“I have reviewed some of the books Jess Hartley worked on. Invariably, they were some of the best books I have looked at. She has earned her reputation for good work.” - Jeremiah McCoy, The Basics of the Game

“Jess was an incredible and charming guest at Anime North. She was patient, understanding, willing to work hard for the convention and an all around joy to have.” - Jonathan Lavallee - Head of RPG Gaming for Anime North

"Jess Hartley brings a lot of creative energy to any project. She also tells one hell of great ghost story." - Matt McElroy, FlamesRising.com

"Hartley’s prose is buoyant and flexible; her characters are rich and dark; and her sense of story is matched only by her dynamic sense of pacing." - Jeremy Jones, Flames Rising

One of the nicest things about Jess Hartley’s work is that Jess understands what it takes to run with the big, white dog and small-press publishers alike. If you’ve read ‘Changeling: the Lost,’ then you know what I’m talking about. - Game-designer and novelist Monica Valentinelli, author of The Violet War

Jess takes project outlines and criticism and turns them into pure awesome. - Eddy Webb, White Wolf

Check out Jess Hartley's One Geek to Another. If Miss Manners rolled mad nat-20's, this'd be her outlet! - Martin Henley